About Sparkly

In case you don’t already know, I’m Sparkly Devil, and I’ve been performing burlesque for over a decade now.

I’m also a professional journalist, writer and editor – and after years of engaging in discussions, rants, and provoking commentary about burlesque and the burlesque community, I’ve decided to channel my writings into one centralized place.

You can read more about me at my website, www.sparklydevil.com



  1. Hey Sparkly!
    I just started a blog so I am a bit intimidated by all the tweets, websites etc but anyway it ended up being about Burlesque. You see my mom was in Burlesque back in the day. Her best friends were Ann Sothern, Tempest Storm and Zorita to name a few. Tempest used to babysit me when mom was on stage and I was trouping with her. My “Uncle” Rex designed all the costumes for the gals at Minsky’s etc. I love what your doing and it is inspiring me to get back into real performing instead of stripping, which isn’t bad but isn’t my forte’. I am adding you to my blogroll and I hope you check mine out too. Hope we can stay in touch!

    • Wow – having Tempest Storm as your baby sitter is pretty amazing! I have an upcoming blog about stripping in relation to burlesque. I look forward to reading your musings!

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